You have found the new website of the artist Bobbie and Marilyn Allen. Among our many pages you will find all of our art work to date. Some of you know us from our MSN days, some of you know us from our years of being on a forum called Yuku under the name of BAMA Creations, some of you know us from our home away from home Escape From Reality aka EFR, some of you know us from our visits to PSP Playground Pals. For those that are new to our type of art. You can find out more information on our ABOUT US page. We hope you stay a while and peruse our many pages and posts, our galleries and our albums. We are sure you will find something that excites and delights you. Thank you for visiting…Bobbie and Marilyn Allen

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Where can I find your tubes? I enjoy making tags. I love your tubes, but I can’t find them. Do you have a group to join? Thanks, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon,
      You are visiting our new site which is under construction. We are moving to this site, but until we get moved you have two options for locating our artwork. Option #1 You can join us at our forum Escape From Reality: http://escapefromreality.forumotion.co.uk/ If you choose this option, you won’t regret it, our group is very active, involved, friendly, and generous. There are many events to get involved in, lots of taggers and many snaggers. EFR community has been on forumotion for years. When joining EFR be sure to mention that Marilyn sent you over.
      Option #2. You can go to our website that we will be moving from in a month or so: https://marilynandbobbieallen.smugmug.com
      I recommend that you join EFR, they have a lot of our latest tubes right there in the group, you can locate them under the forum heading Resident Artists
      Thank you so much for stopping and taking time to contact us, we are a little harried right now due to the packing up to move, and I hope you didn’t have to wait too long to hear back from us. If you have any other questions please feel free to drop us a line.
      Enjoy your day,
      Marilyn Allen

  2. Cant wait till you ladies get this place open. You know I miss ya’lls tubes. EFR AND Pals are to busy for my internet right now.

    1. Hi Nancy, it’s good to see your face! I am always talking about the Nancy that I went through PSP school with! How we got started in PSP and how you taught me all about plugins…Those were the days huh? It’s going to be another couple of weeks, I am new at web building and am trying to learn word press…pretty intense for this blond LOL. Keep checking back, in the mean time let me tell you that on the first of the month if you go to EFR or PSP Pals, you will get mine and sis’s latest tube, I manage to get one a month up. The other place to go is the what’s new thread. If it’s been a while since you were in EFR the “Resident artists” are now at the top of the heap so for those people, friends, family etc. don’t want to really join, join, can come in and “pow” there we are in your face lol. Hopefully we can catch up to each other once I have the websit on its feet.
      Hugs Marilyn

  3. Hi Marilyn and Bobbie,
    Can’t wait for your new site to be ready. I am looking forward to finding new images. Your art is always fresh.

    1. Hello Lizzy!! Glad to see you have found your way to our new site!! It is just a shell but we are hoping to have it put together well enough by the end of September to be able to open the links so you might find all the tubes you have come to know and love. It’s not an easy thing to do…build a site from the frame up, but we are getting there.
      Marilyn and Bobbie

    1. Hi Deana, we know there isn’t much to see right now so we have not put out the banners nor opened our image galleries, but we are making progress. I never knew there was so much to learn….but I am not complaining, I love to learn and this sure puts my love of learning on a level all its own haha. Thank you for stopping in, we will let everyone know when we have the shelves stocked.
      hugs Marilyn and Bobbie

  4. Hey Thanks Marilyn, Yea those were the days weren’t they.lol
    I will keep checking back. And I will watch pals I think Kathyfrances kicked me out of EFR for not participating. But that site is way to busy for my internet it takes for ever to load a page. Pals is the same way to big and busy. While now I do have to use my hotspot because everyone claims they don’t have internet where I am living and have been living for years. and have always had internet.lol But I will keeo looking out here for you all to open. Sure miss you all.

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